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Booking a Trip

All you need to do to book a trip is fill out the information on the Contact Us page and click the Send Button. Tell us what dates you have in mind and what it is you want to do. Please don't ask what dates are available. If you need to know date availablilities we can do it much more efficently in one phone conversation. Once I receive your email I will contact you and let you know if the date(s) you requested are available and if not what dates are still open.

If I'm unable to meet your needs and if you want me to, I will try to find you another guide service that I trust that will meet your needs.

The following information is important for you understand

  • The Steelhead Guide is Catch and Release. 

  • The Steelhead Guide is Insured and has the necessary permits to guide in all Metroparks.

  • The Steelhead Guide is certified in CPR and First Aid.

  • It is your responsibility to purchase an Ohio fishing license, click here.

  • For the individual client, The Steelhead guide has all rights to team you up with another individual client with your same skill level. 

  • If storms trash the rivers making it dangerious and impossible to fish, you have an option to rescheduled. If you do not reschedule you forefit your booking deposit.

  • If you decide to cancel your trip and not reschedule you will forefit your booking deposit.

  • The Steelhead Guide has all rights to use all photos taken on your guided trip or anyother function you participate in with The Steelhead Guide. ​

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