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Here you won't get a float trip, or a shore lunch, or promises that can't be kept.  But, what you will find here is an opportunity to fish the renowned Steelhead Alley with The Steelhead Guide.  We are not on the clock, we don't ever wear a watch, our clock is River Time - your day is as long as you want it to be. 

The Steelhead Guide is a professional walk-in fly fishing guide service that is centrally located in the Cleveland, Ohio area on the Lake Erie shore line. The primary rivers we fish are the Vermilion River, Rocky River, Chagrin River, Ashtabula River and Conneaut Creek as well as other smaller lake and river tributaries when it is necessary because of high water. 

The Steelhead Guide was one of the very, very first to pioneer and to teach fly fishing steelheading in Ohio's Lake Erie tributaries and shares the responsibilities of what it is today. With over three decades of experience fishing Lake Erie steelhead and without a doubt The Steelhead Guide is one of the most recognized steelhead guide services today.  This is where it started and this is where you come to have fun and learn or tune your fly fishing skills to catch Ohio's steelhead. 

Monte Casey
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